Operational Safety

Our partners have the right to a safe and healthful work environment. They also share the responsibility of working and acting in a safe manner. Our safety policy can be summarized into one sentence.

Safety is an attitude; if it can’t be done safely, we won't do it.

This is not a slogan. It’s a commitment.

MedFlight is firmly committed to maintaining a safe and healthful working environment. Safety is best expressed as the way we do business and is not to be compromised. No activity is so important or time critical that it cannot be done safely. There are no excuses for unsafe practices! It is our policy to strive for the highest standards of quality on all transports and work assignments. Safe operations are an integral part of our focus on quality and is achieved by paying careful attention to all company policies and procedures.

The success of any safety program depends on the safety consciousness and cooperation of everyone in the organization. It will be the responsibility of the Director of Safety to administer a total safety effort at the partner level and to coordinate these efforts with the Safety Committee and Base Leadership. Partners at all levels are expected to assist in the prevention of work place accidents and injuries. It is the duty of each partner to support and adhere to all applicable federal and state laws and regulations and MedFlight procedures regarding workplace safety, health, and security. Any injury that occurs on the job, even a slight cut or strain, must be reported immediately to a supervisor. Our goal is zero accidents, through prevention.


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Helicopter Aviation services are contracted to MedFlight through Metro Aviation, Inc. Operational control for aircraft and all flights is exercised solely by Metro Aviation.



MedFlight is a not-for-profit, CAMTS accredited air and ground critical care transportation company based in Columbus, Ohio that completes nearly 7,000 critical care transports by helicopter and Mobile Intensive Care unit each year.

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